25.06.10. Opening of gallery of furs - New History by Igor Gulyaev

25.06.10. Открытие галереи меха New History by Igor Gulyaev
"New History by Igor Gulyaev» - something more than simply boutique, something other, than fashionable show-rum. It is a special couture glamour poured in air, the space of creativity. In gallery "New History» Igor Guljaev has represented intriguing mix of the basic tendencies, creative and luxury of a modern fur fashion through a prism of the best products of the first lines of well-known trades of Rindi, Annabella, Jun, Fabio Gavazzi, Simonetta Ravizza. Only topsof a world fur fashion.

The magnificent assortment of products from Russian sable, a chinchilla and karakulcha is t by right he standard of the elegance, the refined cut and faultless workmanship, and masterpieces exclusively presented in gallery from a new collection of mark Igor Gulyaev fur collection will satisfy the most exacting taste.
Among visitors of evening have been noticed - Vladislav Rodimov, Tatyana Bulanova, trying on all the evening long precious products from collection; RINDI, Masha Malinovskaja who has acted with exclusive DJ sets at after-party in the Fashion House of Tatyana Gordienko, and many other things.

Yana A.
Anastasia B.
Anna Mikhailova
Veronica Fomenko
Elizabeth Shlikhta